Board of Directors and Management Bentley Capital Limited | Farooq Khan, Chairman

Farooq Khan LLB, BJuris (UWA)


Farooq Khan was appointed a director of Bentley Capital Limited on 2 December 2003, and then appointed Chairman on 10 February 2004.

Mr Khan is a qualified lawyer, having previously practised principally in the field of corporate law. Mr Khan has extensive experience in the securities industry, capital markets and the executive management of ASX listed companies. In particular, Mr Khan has guided the establishment and growth of a number of public listed companies in the investment, mining and financial services sectors. He has considerable experience in the fields of capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions and investments.

Farooq Khan is Chairman and Managing Director of Queste Communications Ltd (QUE). Farooq Khan is also Chairman of Orion Equities Limited (OEQ)

Farooq Khan was appointed as alternate Director to Victor Ho on the board of Strike Resources Limited in January 2014

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William Johnson MA (Oxon), MBA

Non-Executive Director

Mr Johnson was appointed a Director on 13 March 2009.

Mr Johnson commenced his career in resource exploration and has held senior management and executive roles in a number of public companies in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Throughout his career, Mr Johnson has been actively involved in the strategic analysis of a diverse range of business and investment opportunities and the execution of many corporate transactions. Mr Johnson brings a considerable depth of experience in business strategy and investment analysis and execution.

Mr Johnson is Managing Director of Strike Resources Limited (SRK).


Christopher Ryan BEcon (UWA), MBA (UNSW)

Non-Executive Director

Mr Ryan was elected a Director on 5 February 2004.

Mr Ryan is the Principal of Westchester Corporate Finance, a Sydney based corporate advisory firm specialising in advising listed companies on fund raising, mergers and acquisitions and associated transactions.

Prior to forming Westchester in July 1996, Mr Ryan was with Schroders Australia for 27 years. At Schroders, he served 3 years in the investment division, 2 years as an economist monitoring influences on interest and exchange rates and 22 years in the corporate finance division of which he was a director for 19 years specialising in advising on project financing and mergers and acquisitions mainly in the Australian minerals and oil and gas sectors.

Mr Ryan was appointed as a Non Executive Director of Molopo Energy Limited on 8 April 2014.

Victor Ho BCom, LLB (UWA)

Company Secretary

Mr Ho has been in company secretarial/executive roles with a number of public listed companies since early 2000. Previously, Mr Ho had 9 years experience in the taxation profession with the Australian Tax Office and in a specialist tax law firm. Mr Ho has been actively involved in the structuring and execution of a number of corporate transactions, capital raisings and capital management matters and has extensive experience in public company administration, corporations law and stock exchange compliance and shareholder relations.

Victor Ho's other Directorship's

Victor Ho is an Executive Director and Company Secretary with Orion Equities Limited

Victor Ho is an Executive Director and Company Secretary with Queste Communications Limited

Victor Ho was appointed to the board of Strike Resources Limited as a Non Executive Director in January 2014