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76,127,918 Fully Paid Ordinary Shares listed on ASX


NTA History

The Company releases details of its net tangible asset (NTA) backing per share each month.

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The Company intends to pay dividends from the dividends and interest income it receives from its investments and from the realised gains made on the sale of investments that form part of its investment portfolio.

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Dividend Donation Scheme

The Company is currently reviewing its options in relation to forming a new partnership with a suitable charitable organisation under a new Dividend Donation Scheme after the Children's Hospital Foundations Australia (CHFA) has recently ceased coordinating receipt of donations as an umbrella organisation for administrative reasons.

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Share Donation Scheme - Share Gift Australia

The Company has partnered with Share Gift Australia to enable shareholder's the ability to donate (Tax deductible) their Shares to a Charity of their choice. To view full details please click on the link below;

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Capital Returns

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